As international travellers and tech geeks ourselves we are passionate about trying out ideas and creating a new framework for tourism. We want to test our skills in previously unexplored areas, our ability to learn, adapt and improvise in a non-formulaic environment, different from day to day university life. 

Composed of Architecture students, our team has strong creative potential!

Juliette Jolivet

Juliette’s the perfect counterbalance to the often chaotic approach of other team members. She’s the meticulous organizer and the people’s person.

Krzysztof Kalita

Krzysztof, the architect by night, a writer, history hobbyist and artist… also by night. Krzysztof sleeps during the day.

Undaunted pitcher and prototype creator. 

Karolina Przynarowska

Karolina’s spirit is as great as she’s small. Having participated in many social innovation projects, competitions, mentoring programs and various other, ambitious group efforts, she’s the fusion core of our team.

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